Men’s Coach Training

An Intensive 6-month Training Program In Deep Coaching

Begins April 2019


More than ever before, men are actively seeking guidance, mentorship, and personal development work. And as more men rise to answer their hearts call for growth, healing, and mastery, the demand for skillful, well-trained Men’s Coaches is also steadily increasing.

This Men’s Coach Training is a non-traditional deep coach training program drawing from a wide array of traditions synthesized into a powerful and clear methodology that is adaptable to any coaching style. This 6-month training program is part of a unique school of men’s work that will provide with you an embodied experience and crystal clarity of the theories and practices behind the profound work that has affected thousands of men from around the world.

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​I’ve seen Zat take men from some of the deepest darkest parts of themselves and lead them out into the light​, with strength and compassion.  His methods are dynamic and his work is unique.  Zat Baraka has a gift to share with the world, and is someone who has truly walked the path of growth and transformation himself.  He doesn’t just talk the talk.  His blend of deep spirituality and earthy realness makes him very relatable, and an excellent mentor, facilitator & coach.  Highly recommended.

Serge Berliawsky, Musician / Yoga Instructor / Business Owner